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Calm and Relaxed - Earthy

Whether you struggle with anxious feelings, have too much stress in your life, or know caffeine just doesn’t work for your body, you demand teas with your special needs in mind. Your nervous system requires a tranquil level of energy to unwind the day and quiet the mind.  You are a natural and grounded in who you are while still being adventurous.  You love to immerse yourself in nature and drink in all it has to offer.  These 5 teas with  earthy notes will soothe and comfort you with the elements of  Mother Earth.

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Market Mint

Highest-quality cut-leaf Peppermint from Oregon. This super fragrant fresh infusion can calm an upset tummy, help clear a stuffy nose and soothe and refresh you anytime, day or evening.


New relationships can be so exhilarating, give your new match a try!  

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Market Rooibos

Naturally high in healthy antioxidants and anti-aging properties this herbal infusion is harvested from the Red Tea bushes in South Africa. An earthy subtle flavor naturally caffeine free.  


Forever might not be long enough to spend with this amazing tea! 

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Sweet Dreams

A blend to help promote a good nights' sleep.  Chamomile helps you become restful, valerian root promotes relaxation and helps you stay asleep, lemon balm and lemon verbena calm your central nervous system while lavender and spearmint provide soothing aromatherapy.

Exclusive House Blend


The tea match of your dreams! 

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Silver Needle

The most precious of all white teas. It consists only of the first-flush tender buds of the tea plant, plucked on the very day before they open. This tea is hand-harvested from the Fuding Da Hao varietal and prized for its crystal-clear cup and smooth delicate sweetness. Light and rare, it’s known for it’s tranquil energy and anti-aging properties.

It’s secret admirers are legends, you are in good company!  

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Organic Green Yerba Mate to enliven and invigorate, Green Tea for an immune boost, Lemon to cleanse and regulate, Lemongrass to promote digestion and remove toxic substances and cleanse vital organs and the lymphatic system. Low in caffeine, great for the first cup of the day.


You don’t “do” toxic relationships making this tea a perfect match for you!  

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