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Calm and Relaxed - Floral Taste

Whether you struggle with anxious feelings, have too much stress in your life, or know caffeine just doesn’t work for your body, you demand teas with your special needs in mind. Your nervous system requires a tranquil level of energy to unwind the day and quiet the mind. Nature and its beauty calm your inner spirit, and the scent of fragrant flowers brings you joy! Here are 5 teas with an English garden of flowery aroma.  Take a moment to relax, enjoying the scents and subtle flavors of the most beautiful part of nature.


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White Rose Mint

Organic silver needle and mutan white tea leaves are blended with whole pink rosebuds, wild flowers, and soothing, refreshing peppermint to create a clean refreshing tea that is delicate, fragrant and subtle.  

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Your fragrant, soothing new tea soulmate! 

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Lavender Serenity

Indulge in a soothing, calming and restorative blend of herbal botanicals: fragrant whole lavender flowers, raspberries, raspberry leaf, lemon peel, and hibiscus. Heavenly lavender aromatherapy helps relieve anxiety, ease tension and help you relax…deliciously! 

Exclusive House Blend


A perfect tea to capture your heart!

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Mandarine Chamomile


A unique combination of whole Egyptian chamomile flowers, citrus zest peels, orange blossoms, rose hips, and hibiscus. Delicate, fruity, and soothing, this blend is loaded with vitamin C. A great way to wind down in the evening or anytime. Delicious hot or cold! 

Exclusive House Blend

This perfect match may just become your very best friend!


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Pure and simple, caffeine free flowers. Harvested by hand when plump and juicy, hibiscus makes a full-bodied, crimson-colored infusion with a flavor similar to tart cranberry. Hibiscus has also been known to lower blood pressure, now THAT’s a calming tea.

A perfect match that will go straight to your heart!

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Dragon Fruit And Roses

Fine Japanese Sencha green tea blended with chunks of exotic dragon fruit and beautiful with whole exquisite pink rose buds. This blend is super low in caffeine with all goodness of green tea with an exotic and fragrant twist.  

Once you get to know this perfect match, you’ll be inseparable!

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