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Calm and Relaxed - Fruity Taste

Whether you struggle with anxious feelings, have too much stress in your life, or know caffeine just doesn’t work for your body, you demand teas with your special needs in mind. Your nervous system requires a tranquil level of energy to unwind the day and quiet the mind.  You are caring and friendly, and it comes through everyday in your natural sweetness.  These 5 teas will soothe and relax you with the sweet flavors of nature’s candy; fruit!

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Berry Fusion

An all-natural, herbal, caffeine-free mélange of delicious dried red berries. This symphonic mix of cranberries, hibiscus, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and raspberries brews a beautiful ruby-red, yummy cup of herbal goodness, also makes a bright fruity glass of iced tea. Kids will love this too!

This fruity match of natural sweetness will be love at first sip!

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Luscious notes of pineapple and mango radiate from within this brilliant ruby-red cup, while a burst of juicy hibiscus and fragrant jasmine make for a great aroma and finish. Great hot or iced!


This tealicious match will make you smile for no reason!

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Organic Green Yerba Mate to enliven and invigorate, Green Tea for an immune boost, Lemon to cleanse and regulate, Lemongrass to promote digestion and remove toxic substances and cleanse vital organs and the lymphatic system. Low in caffeine, great for the first cup of the day.

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You don’t “do” toxic relationships making this tea a perfect match for you!  

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White Pomegranate

The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement. ~ Arthur Gray. Silver needle and Mutan white tea are blended with rosehips, hibiscus, safflower, currants and berries to make a delicious cup of tea with a delicate berry forward fruity taste.


Don’t be shy, give this perfect match a try!

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Happy Tea

White and green teas contain L-Theanine which acts like serotonin to the brain, when combined with a low level of caffeine they come together to create a feeling I like to call "tranquil energy." White tea is blended with these calming and happy herbs: chamomile, lemon grass, hibiscus, raspberry leaf.

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Wake up happy with this perfect match!

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