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Calm and Relaxed 
True Leaf – Not Blended

Whether you struggle with anxious feelings, have too much stress in your life, or know caffeine just doesn’t work for your body, you demand teas with your special needs in mind. Your nervous system requires a tranquil level of energy to unwind the day and quiet the mind.  You understand who you are and bring calmness into your world by taking a moment to slow down and relax. Here are five pure teas with low to no caffeine and no complications, as soothing as a hug in a cup.    

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Market Chamomile

Chamomile blossoms have a lovely sweet flavor evoking fruit nectar, apple, and quince. These dried flowers have powerful soothing properties and yield a naturally caffeine-free tea that's perfect before bedtime.


This might be the perfect tea for you to snuggle up with at night!

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Market Lavender

The Lavender flower is a favorite for its sweet, relaxing, floral aroma, and the flowers and leaves have a long history of use in traditional western herbalism for it’s ability to calm anxious feelings and help to relax and chill out.


Feel free to flirt with this delicious tea, your daily cuppa won’t mind a bit!

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Bao Zhong

These long, twisted emerald colored superior grade tea leaves provide a fresh, clear green and delicate infusion with fresh flowery notes. Bao Zhong is a Taiwanese specialty; delicate and pleasant with an amazing aroma, distinctive lingering flavor.


A perfect match and love at first sip!

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Anji Bai Pian

High grown in a remote area of An Ji county, the exquisite, delicate leaf and bud sets brew a fresh, neutral, clean flavor as naturally sweet as Spring itself. The energy it creates is tranquil and focused.  High levels of L-theanine calm the anxious mind.


You may love this tea so much, you find yourself in a long term relationship!

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Silver Needle 

The most precious of all white teas. It consists only of the first-flush tender buds of the tea plant, plucked on the very day before they open. This tea is hand-harvested from the Fuding Da Hao varietal and prized for its crystal-clear cup and smooth delicate sweetness. Light and rare, it’s known for it’s tranquil energy and anti-aging properties.

It’s secret admirers are legends, you are in good company!  

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Market Rooibos

Naturally high in healthy antioxidants and anti-aging properties this herbal infusion is harvested from the Red Tea bushes in South Africa. An earthy subtle flavor naturally caffeine free.  

Forever might not be long enough to spend with this amazing tea!  

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