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Celebratory & Special – Floral Taste

Maybe you’re looking for a rare artisan tea splurge or an incredible tea blend that feels and tastes like a party in a cup, the ordinary will not do.  You’re looking for something elevated and incomparable whether it’s a personal tea indulgence or a gift intended to knock their socks off.  These teas are simply a cut above and offer incredible quality, extraordinary flavor, and an elevated tea experience dressed to impress.  Flowers are the quintessential emblem of celebration.  You know flowers bring joy to any occasion and love the beauty, fragrance and softness they freely offer.  These 5 teas reflect your good taste and love for nature’s dazzling beauty.  

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Wedding Tea


Mutan white tea delicately scented with lemon myrtle and vanilla and blended with a floral plethora of pink rosebuds and petals. A tea blended for celebration. The exquisite aroma greets you first followed by a delicate flavor that reminds of the subtlety of simple white wedding cake.  


Love at first sip, no matter the occassion!

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April in Paris

Elegant, whole pink baby rosebuds adorn this sophisticated blend of black tea, vanilla, and bergamot.  The roses impart lovely fragrance and help round and smooth the edges of this robust blend.  A beautiful tea that reminds you of all the reasons they sing about Paris in the springtime.

Exclusive House Blend


A perfect match to all your tea dreams!

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White Rose Mint


Organic silver needle and white peony is blended with whole pink rosebuds, wild flowers, and soothing, refreshing peppermint to create a clean refreshing tea that is delicate, fragrant and subtle.

Exclusive House Blend


A perfect match to capture your heart!

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Pearl Jasmine

Early Spring Green tea leaves which are the youngest and most superior in quality are hand rolled into "pearls" and then scented eight to ten times with Jasmine blossoms. When infused, they slowly unfold, releasing a wonderful, slightly sweet and floral aroma and delicate flavor.  Heavenly aromatherapy. A truly luxurious tea. The perfect "gift of tea" for anyone and any occasion.


A match so perfect you won’t think twice!

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Happy Tea

White and green teas contain L-Theanine which acts like serotonin to the brain, when combined with caffeine they come together to create a feeling I like to call "tranquil energy." White tea is blended with these calming and happy herbs: chamomile flowers  lemongrass, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, licorice, ginger, lavender, and turmeric.

Exclusive House Blend


A perfect match that only cares about your happiness!

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