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Celebratory & Special – Sweet

Maybe you’re looking for a rare artisan tea splurge or an incredible tea blend that feels and tastes like a party in a cup, the ordinary will not do.  You’re looking for something elevated and incomparable whether it’s a personal tea indulgence or a gift intended to knock their socks off.  These teas are simply a cut above and offer incredible quality, extraordinary flavor, and an elevated tea experience dressed to impress.  You are the life of the party and bring a smile to all you meet. Often, you crave a natural and subtly sweet taste with such refinement, it’s reason alone to celebrate. These five teas are perfect matches for you and the healthy sweet indulgences you’ve been searching for.  

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Luscious notes of pineapple and mango radiate from within this brilliant ruby-red cup, while a burst  of juicy hibiscus and fragrant jasmine make for a great aroma and finish. Great hot or iced! A delicious caffeine free herbal/fruit infusion.


A perfect sweetie of a match!

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Caramel Toffee


Deep, melt-in-your-mouth caramel and rich, buttery toffee complement the dark flavor profile of this heavily-oxidized Oolong and Black tea blend. Rich in antioxidants and praised for its metabolism-boosting properties, this is the perfect substitute for heavy, blended coffee drinks.


A perfect match to meet for toffee sometime!

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Naturally, non-caffeinated rooibos mingles with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, candied mango, papaya, and pineapple making this delicious blend reminiscent of ginger cookies. A perfect sweet treat or a cold evening by the fireplace.


You’ll want to stay in and get cozy with this perfect match!

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Bora Bora

A blend of premium black teas and fruits as exotic as the volcanic island that shares its name. Hibiscus blossoms, apple, papaya, currants, elderberries, raspberry, strawberry, sunflower, and cornflower blossoms combine for a yummy black tea with fruity sweet goodness. Delicious hot and our most popular black tea blend for making iced tea.  


A match made in tropical paradise!

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Hot Cinnamon Spice


This full-bodied tea will remind you of your favorite childhood candy "Red Hots". Fine, premium black tea with orange peel, sweet cloves, and three kinds of cinnamon. It has bold intense flavor and so much natural sweetness no one would dare add sugar.  Intense flavor! Best Seller


A perfect match with all the sweetness you can handle!

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