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Celebratory & Special – True Leaf – Not Blended

Maybe you’re looking for a rare artisan tea splurge or an incredible tea blend that feels and tastes like a party in a cup, the ordinary will not do.  You’re looking for something elevated and incomparable whether it’s a personal tea indulgence or a gift intended to knock their socks off.  These teas are simply a cut above and offer incredible quality, extraordinary flavor, and an elevated tea experience dressed to impress.  These 5 teas celebrate the beauty of natural, pure and clean tea leaves at their very finest.  

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Milk Taste Oolong

An incredibly rare and unique tea that is unlike anything you have ever tasted. Lightly oxidized, high-grown imperial leaf sets are rolled into exquisite nuggets. This tea is fragrant! The sweet "creamy" flavor is a naturally occurring phenomenon created by the stress of an extreme drop in temperature just before harvest. A rare treat indeed! Infuse multiple times!


An exquisite match you’ll want to spend time with!

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Golden Monkey

The black tea counterpoint of Silver Needle, characterized by light, honeyed peach notes and no astringency. Carefully hand plucked and considered one of the finest of all black teas. The name comes from a resemblance to monkey claws. High grown in the cloudy and misty mountains of Yunnan which has grown tea for 1700 years. During ancient times, due to the rarity of the tea, the Taipans believed that it had special powers. A highly prized tea!


Some matches are pure perfection!

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Silver Needle


The most precious of all white teas. It consists only of the first-flush tender buds of the tea plant, plucked on the very day before they open. This tea is hand-harvested from the Fuding Da Hao varietal and prized for its crystal-clear cup and smooth delicate sweetness. Light and rare, an ancient style of a truly incredible tea experience. 


When it’s right, you just know!

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Bao Zhong


These long, twisted emerald colored superior grade tea leaves provide a fresh, clear green and delicate infusion with fresh flowery notes. Bao Zhong is a Taiwanese specialty; delicate and pleasant with an amazing aroma, distinctive lingering flavor.


A perfect match and love at first sip!

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Jade Oolong


The tightly rolled leaves unfurl slowly, revealing a fresh, clear golden-green infusion that deepens with each subsequent steeping. It has an enticing, ripe orchard aroma and complex, rich flavor. A tea connoisseur's treat!


A sophisticated match you’ll love a first sip!

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