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Energetic and Focused – Earthy

You move at the speed of life.  The “to-do” list is long and the tasks are important.  You demand teas that perform to your uncompromising standards. Focus and energy are what you crave in every aspect of your life, why should your favorite drink be any different?  You are natural and grounded in who you are while still enjoying a true zest for life.  You love to get out there, enjoy the elements of nature and drink in all it has to offer.  These 5 teas with earthy notes will imbue you with clarity and vitality for all this planet has to offer.

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Flu Fighter


A tea blend to energize and help you stay well.  Begin drinking at the first sign of a cold and your symptoms will quickly dissipate! Contains a blend of pu-erh black tea for its antiviral, antibacterial attributes, green tea for its immune boosting properties, and peppermint to invigorate your day.  
Exclusive House Blend

This perfect match says let’s have a great day, everyday!

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Extreme Grey


Winner of World Tea Expo's "Best Earl Grey"! A blend of certified organic Assam, Ceylon, and Nilgiri teas scented with natural bergamot fruit. Superb citrus aroma and great flavor. If you like a big bold Earl Grey, you will love this tea.  Best Seller.

A bold match that totally “gets” you!

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Sunny Chai Organic


A light twist on the traditional chai flavor. The deep, earthy tones of Pu-erh and cinnamon are blended with smooth vanilla and the playful notes of peppermint and cocoa shells. A little licorice root gives it just the right amount of sweet for a lovely sipping dessert tea.


Feel free to flirt with this delicious tea, your daily cuppa won’t mind a bit! 

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Pu-erh Organic


Hand harvested from the ancient tea trees of the Jing Mai Mountains, this medium-bodied, bold leaf, well-aged organic Pu-erh exhibits a deep, earthy flavor, beautiful color and well-balanced finish. Known for centuries as Chinese penicillin, it can be used to boost your immunity, help melt fat and balance your entire system.


The quintessential perfect match of your dreams!  

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White Mountain


In honor of the book "The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane" we have blended two very traditional Chinese teas detailed in the novel. White Peony King, consisting of Silver Needle and Mutan white tea leaves, softens the earthy flavor of Pu-erh. The health benefits of both are married and result in a smooth, delicious tea that's light and delicate with grounding bass notes from the earthy Pu-erh. 
Exclusive House Blend


You may find yourself in a long term relationship with this perfect match!  

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