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Energetic and Focused – Floral Taste

You move at the speed of life.  The “to-do” list is long and the tasks are important.  You demand teas that perform to your uncompromising standards. Focus and energy are what you crave in every aspect of your life, why should your favorite drink be any different?  Nature and its beauty energize your soul, and the scent of fragrant flowers brings you joy! Here are 5 teas with an English garden of flowery aroma.  Take a moment to recharge your positive energy and increase clarity, enjoying the scents and subtle flavors of the most beautiful part of nature.

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April in Paris


Elegant, whole pink baby rosebuds adorn this sophisticated blend of black tea, vanilla, and bergamot.  The roses impart lovely fragrance and help round and smooth the edges of this robust blend.  A beautiful tea that reminds you of all the reasons we all love Paris in springtime.
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Take flight and soar with this perfect match!

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Dragon Fruit and Roses


Fine Japanese Sencha green tea blended with chunks of exotic Vietnamese dragon fruit which has a sweet flesh like a melon, a smooth red skin. Exotic, delicious, and beautiful with whole exquisite pink rose buds. All the focused energy  of green tea with an exotic and fragrant twist.


An exotic match that may become your secret desire!

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Earl Grey de la Crème


Sometimes called "Lady Grey," this top-quality black tea is combined with natural bergamot essence and the delicate lift of lavender and vanilla. A "just right" blend that's both familiar and yet very special. An absolute classic!
Exclusive House Blend


Feel free to flirt with this delicious blend, your daily cuppa won’t mind a bit!

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Birthday Tea


Flavorful blend of high-grade Indian black teas mixed with mango, pineapple, passion fruit, marigolds, safflowers, cornflowers, and blue mallow blossoms. A celebration of flavor and a party in a cup. Delicious iced as well.


Celebrate your passion for life with this perfect match!

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White Rose Mint


Organic silver needle is blended with whole pink rosebuds, wild flowers, and soothing, refreshing peppermint to create a clean refreshing tea that is delicate, fragrant and subtle. The high level of L-Theanine create the focus you crave 

Exclusive  House Blend


Forever might not be long enough to spend with this gorgeous match!

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