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Energetic and Focused – Fruity Taste

You move at the speed of life.  The “to-do” list is long and the tasks are important.  You demand teas that perform to your uncompromising standards. Focus and energy are what you crave in every aspect of your life, why should your favorite drink be any different?  You are lively and  flirty, and it comes through everyday in your naturally sweet nature.  Staying on task and keeping things juicy is just how you like to roll.   These 5 teas will enliven your energy and  focus with the simple, sweet flavors of nature’s candy; fruit!

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Bora Bora


A blend of premium black teas and fruits as exotic as the volcanic island that shares its name. Hibiscus blossoms, apple, papaya, currants, elderberries, raspberry, strawberry, sunflower, and cornflower blossoms combine for a yummy black tea with fruity sweet goodness. Delicious hot and our most popular black tea blend for making iced tea.  

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This perfect match may become your favorite afternoon delight!


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The perfect citrus treat! This blend of orange, marigold flowers, wild strawberry leaves, and vanilla bean black tea is reminiscent of the sweet creamsicles from summer days gone by. Enjoy this tea hot or iced in the hammock on a sunny afternoon.

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Its secret admirers are legend, you are in good company with this  perfect match!


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Black Currant


This full-bodied tea has become a traditional favorite in fine restaurants and hotels all over America. Premium black tea with a deep fruit forward berry flavor from all-natural dried currants. A classic for Afternoon Tea or anytime you want a flavorful tea with just a hint of berry sweetness.  Delicious hot and iced.


Keep it classy with this perfect match!

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“Where there’s tea, there’s hope” ~ Sir Arthur W. Pinero. This first-quality China black tea is mingled with pieces of cranberries, raspberries, and pomegranates. Peony petals complete the harmony in a tea perfect for remembering hope and thankfulness.


You’ll give thanks everyday for this  perfect match!


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Mango Medley


A very special blend of China black tea with mango, pineapple, orange slices, tangerine, safflowers and marigold blossoms. A delightful and unique tropical, fruity taste experience, hot or cold.

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A perfect tropical match to shake up your routine!


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