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Energetic and Focused - Spicy Taste

You move at the speed of life.  The “to-do” list is long and the tasks are important.  You demand teas that perform to your uncompromising standards. Focus and energy are what you crave in every aspect of your life, why should your favorite drink be any different?  You are passionate and need to spice up your energy and stay on point.  Your drive for getting things done needs to partner with your zest for life.  Here are five teas to ignite your day and make your taste buds dance with joy.

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Spicy Chai Yerba Mate


From the Amazon rainforest and popular for its invigorating energy and antioxidant content this herbal infusion is spiced with ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and lemongrass. It contains mateine which delivers a bit of a buzz and significantly suppresses the appetite.


The spicy match you’ve been waiting for!  

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The tea wake up call you've been looking for.  Assam black tea provides all the caffeine pick-me-up this tea has to offer. Yerba mate serves as an herbal wake-up from an alternative plant known for its stimulation and appetite suppressant qualities. Additional spices of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger help enliven all your senses. Trying to quit coffee?  Try this blend.
Exclusive House Blend


A perfect match with everything you’ve been looking for!

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Masala Chai


Black tea from the famous Assam region in India classically combined with freshly ground cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and other spices, create an authentic, garam masala spiced tea blend. Add milk and sugar and you have a delicious Chai latte to power through your day. Best Seller


Your morning routine just got the wake up call you’ve been dreaming of!  

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Hot Cinnamon Spice


This full-bodied tea will remind you of your favorite childhood candy "Red Hots". Fine, premium black tea with orange peel, sweet cloves, and three kinds of cinnamon. It has bold intense flavor and so much natural sweetness no one would dare add sugar.  Intense flavor! Best Seller


A sweet and spicy match to energize all that you love!

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Orange Spice Chai


All of the elements of a pie baked fresh on a brisk autumn evening find their way into this spiced black tea. Exotic cardamom and clove are married with ginger, cinnamon and clementine orange in this rich, flavorful, spiced chai blend. Wonderful with a touch of milk and sugar.


Your new warm and spicy tea soul mate!

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