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Healthy & Well – Fruity Taste

Pure, clean teas fuel a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.  Drinking tea is already part of your daily routine, you seek maximum flavor, quality and enjoyment.  You refuse to compromise and these amazing teas meet you where you are and keep their promises.  Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle inspires those around you to drink healthy too.  Your kind nature and natural sweetness surround you.  You enjoy your healthy teas enhanced by nature’s candy.  Yummy fruits that provide the subtle sweet taste you long for, with a natural sweetness to match your own.  These five tea matches are the perfect way for you to drink healthy, deliciously.  

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Berry Wellness


Healthy, antioxidant-rich pomegranates, superfood goji berries, and blueberries blended with flavorful smooth Japanese Sencha green tea. A delicious blend full of immune system boosting goodness. This is our MOST popular green tea ever!  


No match could be more perfect for you!

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Japanese Cherry


Fine, Japanese Sencha green tea is lightly steamed, then blended with dried wild cherry blossoms and rich cherry fruit.  A wonderful blended green tea with big cherry flavor, amazing aroma and a hint of natural fruity sweetness. Tastes great hot or cold. 


A match made in fruity heaven!

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Oolong Goddess


Lightly oxidized Soushan oolong tea rolled into exquisite nuggets and blended with gorgeous chunks of dried strawberry and superfood goji berries. This creamy cup is brimming with health benefits, bright fruity taste, intoxicating aroma and a hint of natural sweetness. A sophisticated cup everyone loves. Great hot or iced.


A perfect match you’ll find SO easy to love!

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White Pomegranate


The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement. ~ Arthur Gray. Silver needle and Mutan white teas are blended with rosehips, hibiscus, safflower, currants and berries to make a delicious cup of tea with a delicate berry taste. A light, fruity tea that is great hot and iced.


Feel free to flirt with this perfect match!

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Mango Tango


Fine Japanese Sencha green tea blended with huge chunks of mango fruit, lemon peel, safflowers, and marigolds.  Another exotic and delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of antioxidant-rich green tea, hot or iced. Wonderful tropical flavors and aroma!


A match from a tropical paradise!

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