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Healthy & Well – Sweet

Pure, clean teas fuel a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.  Drinking tea is already part of your daily routine, you seek maximum flavor, quality and enjoyment.  You refuse to compromise and these amazing teas meet you where you are and keep their promises.  Health and wellness is the gift you offer yourself daily, so enjoy it sweet.  Fueling your body with the pure, natural goodness of delicious tea brings joy to your life.  Others can see the strength that belies your casual sweet nature and are inspired by it.  Often, you crave a naturally and subtly sweet taste with zero guilt, these five teas are perfect matches and the healthy indulgence you’re looking for.  

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Tropical Green


Select, full-leaf Japanese Bancha green tea leaves are lightly steamed and blended with rose petals, marigold flowers, tangy grapefruit, sweet mango chunks, and passion fruit. Lovely, bright tropical flavor. High in immune boosting antioxidants. Delicious hot or iced!


A tropical perfect match just for you!

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Mango Tango


Fine Japanese Sencha green tea blended with huge chunks of mango fruit, lemon peel, safflowers, and marigolds.  Another exotic and delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of antioxidant-rich green tea, hot or iced. Wonderful tropical flavors and aroma!


Care to tango with this perfect match!

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A fine Japanese Sencha Green Tea blended with sliced almonds, orange slices, vanilla, safflowers, and pink peppercorns. Not sure if you like green tea? Amaretto is full of flavor and is a perfect way to add all the health benefits of green tea to your daily, healthy cup.


You deserve a match this good!

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Japanese Cherry


Fine, Japanese Sencha green tea is lightly steamed, then blended with dried wild cherry blossoms and rich cherry fruit.  A wonderful blended green tea with big cherry flavor, amazing aroma and a hint of natural fruity sweetness. Tastes great hot or iced. 


The  cherry on top of your perfect day!

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Luscious notes of pineapple and mango radiate from within this brilliant ruby-red cup, while a burst of juicy hibiscus and fragrant jasmine make for a great aroma and finish. A caffeine free cascade of delicious fruit and flowers.  Great hot or iced!


A brilliant match perfect for you!

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