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Healthy & Well – True Leaf – Not Blended

Pure, clean teas fuel a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.  Drinking tea is already part of your daily routine, you seek maximum flavor, quality and enjoyment.  You refuse to compromise and these amazing teas meet you where you are and keep their promises.  Your friends are impressed by your straightforward grounded nature and elegant, uncomplicated style. You demand teas with zero complications and obvious goodness.  Enhance your wellbeing with these five true leaf teas. 

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Market Sencha


This higher grade of Japanese Sencha green tea is achieved by a longer steaming of early spring leaves. Producing high concentrations of chlorophyll, vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial health elements. A deeper fragrance, color, and flavor that is slightly grassy, lightly vegetal and just as fresh as early Spring itself.


A match made in the green tea heaven!

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A rare and careful harvest of one of Japan's most expensive and highest grade iciban chas (number one teas). The plants are shaded to increase chlorophyll levels which also strengthens the natural nutritional content for the "greenest" tea on earth. Cherished by connoisseurs for its bright, grassy, yet smooth, vegetal umami flavor, to nourish you, body and soul.


The green tea of your dreams!

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Early Spring-picked, fresh, green bud and leaf sets yield an authentic top-quality "Long Jing" tea with enticing  aroma and flavor. Excellent body. The near-perfect distinct flat-leaf shaping let you know it's entirely hand made.

A perfect match to comfort you anytime!

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Emerald Dragon


This delicate high-mountain Chinese green tea has a spring-like fragrance and light blossomy taste. Revered for centuries for its alluring vitality. Fragrant, smooth, and mild with a fresh, sweet finish. Hand harvested, single leaf and bud, pan-fried in a wok. A special treat for green tea lovers. 

A gentle companion you will love forever!

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Wuyi Mao Feng


This small-leaf tea, from the famous Wuyi Mountain range, is made from one leaf and one silvery bud. It is sometimes called "sparrows' tongue" because of the shape. Delicate and mild, it encompasses the amazing immune-boosting properties of green tea and all the sweet freshness of early spring. 

A perfect match will capture your heart!

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