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Light & Youthful – Floral Taste

You understand the fountain of youth is something you create yourself through daily, diligent “self care”...  You love flowers so much you even buy yourself a bouquet from time to time.  You’re looking for teas with specific benefits, soft edges and fragrances only found in nature, to stay light on your feet and age with grace.  The Anti-aging and weight loss properties of many teas and herbal blends have been well documented and you’re looking for a boost in that direction. These flavorful teas fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle and compliment your desire to stay light and youthful as long as possible.  Teas in this category stand the test of time and offer the “longevity” properties you can trust with floral aromas and flavor profiles you’ll enjoy as much as the results.

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White Rose Mint


Organic silver needle and mutan white tea leaves are blended with whole pink rosebuds, wild flowers, and soothing, refreshing peppermint to create a clean refreshing tea that is delicate, fragrant and subtle.  

Exclusive House blend 


Your fragrant, soothing new tea soulmate!  

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Happy Tea


White and green teas contain L-Theanine which acts like serotonin to the brain, when combined with a low level of caffeine they come together to create a feeling I like to call "tranquil energy." White tea is blended with these calming and happy herbs: chamomile, lemon grass, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, 

Exclusive House Blend


Wake up happy with this perfect match!

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Pearl Jasmine


Early Spring Green tea leaves which are the youngest and most superior in quality are hand rolled into "pearls" and then scented eight to ten times with Jasmine blossoms. When infused, they slowly unfold, releasing a wonderful, slightly sweet and floral aroma and delicate flavor.  Heavenly aromatherapy. A truly luxurious tea. The perfect "gift of tea" for anyone and any occasion.


The pampering match you deserve!

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Wedding Tea 


Mutan anti-aging white tea delicately scented with lemon myrtle and vanilla and blended with a floral plethora of pink rosebuds and petals. A tea blended for love and life!

Exclusive House Blend


A perfect match made in rose scented heaven!

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Mandarin Chamomile


A unique combination of whole Egyptian chamomile flowers, citrus zest peels, orange blossoms, rose hips, and hibiscus. Delicate, fruity, and soothing, this blend is loaded with vitamin C. A great way to wind down in the evening or anytime. Delicious hot or cold! 

Exclusive House Blend


This perfect match may just become your very best friend!

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