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Light & Youthful – Fruity Taste

You understand the fountain of youth is something you create yourself through daily, diligent “self care”...  You’re looking for colorful, flavorful teas with specific benefits that help you stay light on your feet and age with grace.  The Anti-aging and weight loss properties of many teas and herbal blends have been well documented and you’re looking for a boost in that direction, with the natural sweetness of vibrant fruits to keep you refreshed and happy.  You won’t compromise when it comes to teas that fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle and compliment your desire to stay as light and youthful as possible, for as long as possible.  Teas in this category stand the test of time and offer the “longevity” properties you can trust with the subtle sweetness of “nature’s candy” you’ll enjoy as much as the results.

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Luscious notes of pineapple and mango radiate from within this brilliant ruby-red cup, while a burst of juicy hibiscus and fragrant jasmine make for a great aroma and finish. A caffeine free cascade of delicious fruit and flowers.  Great hot or iced!


A brilliant match perfect for you!

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White Pomegranate


The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement. ~Arthur Gray. Silver needle and Mutan white teas are blended with rosehips, hibiscus, safflower, currants and berries to make a delicious cup of tea with a delicate berry taste. A light, fruity tea that is great hot and iced.


Feel free to flirt with this perfect match!

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Berry Wellness


Healthy, antioxidant-rich pomegranates, superfood goji berries, and blueberries blended with flavorful smooth Japanese Sencha green tea. A delicious blend full of immune system boosting goodness. This is our MOST popular green tea ever!  


No match could be more perfect for you!

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A fine Japanese Sencha Green Tea blended with sliced almonds, orange slices, vanilla, safflowers, and pink peppercorns. Not sure if you like green tea? Amaretto is full of flavor and is a perfect way to add all the health benefits of green tea to your daily, healthy cup.


Give this perfect match a try!

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Organic Green Yerba Mate to enliven and invigorate, Green Tea for an immune boost, Lemon to cleanse and regulate, Lemongrass to promote digestion and remove toxic substances and cleanse vital organs and the lymphatic system. Low in caffeine, great for the first cup of the day.

Exclusive House Blend


You don’t “do” toxic relationships making this tea a perfect match for you!  

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