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Light & Youthful – True Leaf – Not Blended

You understand the fountain of youth is something you create yourself through daily, diligent “self care”...  You’re looking for teas with specific benefits that help you stay light on your feet and age with grace.  The Anti-aging and weight loss properties of many teas and herbal blends have been well documented and you’re looking for a boost in that direction, with the pure clean flavor of totally natural “true leaf” teas you can truly savor. You won’t compromise when it comes to teas that fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle and compliment your desire to stay as light and youthful as possible, for as long as possible.  Teas in this category stand the test of time and offer the “longevity” properties you can trust with uncomplicated taste profiles you’ll enjoy as much as the results.

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Anji Bai Pian


High grown, delicate leaf and bud sets brew a fresh, neutral, clean flavor as naturally sweet as Spring itself. A unique, rare, and fragrant tea with a pleasantly mild taste. It contains high levels of L-Theanine for mental focus and clarity and low levels of caffeine.


This match will bring what truly matters into perfect focus!

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Early Spring-picked, fresh, green bud and leaf sets yield an authentic top-quality "Long Jing" tea with enticing  aroma and flavor. Excellent body. The near-perfect distinct flat-leaf shaping let you know it's entirely hand made.


A perfect match to comfort you anytime!

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This Ceremonial Grade matcha offers a beautiful jade green color and a mild, natural sweetness. The slight Matcha astringency (from tea catechins) perfectly balances the sweetness (from L-theanine amino acids). It is called "ceremonial" grade because the quality is high enough for formal Japanese tea ceremonies.


Focus on what truly matters with this perfect match!

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Silver Needle

The most precious of all white teas. It consists only of the first-flush tender buds of the tea plant, plucked on the very day before they open. This tea is hand-harvested from the Fuding Da Hao varietal and prized for its crystal-clear cup and smooth delicate sweetness. Light and rare, it’s known for it’s tranquil energy and anti-aging properties.


It’s secret admirers are legends, you are in good company!  

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Pu-erh Organic


Hand harvested from the ancient tea trees of the Jing Mai Mountains, this medium-bodied, bold leaf, well-aged organic Pu-erh exhibits a deep, earthy flavor, beautiful color and well-balanced finish. Known for centuries as Chinese penicillin, it can be used to boost your immunity, help melt fat and balance your entire system.


A perfect match that totally “gets” you!

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