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Light & Youthful – Earthy

You understand the fountain of youth is something you create yourself through daily, diligent “self care”...  You’re looking for teas that connect you with the elements of nature and all its purity to stay light on your feet and age with grace.  The Anti-aging and weight loss properties of many teas and herbal blends have been well documented and you’re looking for a boost in that direction. These uncomplicated  teas fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle and compliment your desire to stay light and youthful as long as possible.  Teas in this category stand the test of time and offer the “longevity” properties you can trust with true, pure, clean flavor profiles you’ll enjoy as much as the results.

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Bao Zhong


These long, twisted emerald colored superior grade tea leaves provide a fresh, clear green and delicate infusion with fresh flowery notes. Bao Zhong is a Taiwanese specialty. This tea is delicate and pleasant with an amazing aroma.


You’ll want to linger with this perfect match!

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White Peony 


Long silvery buds mingle with full mutan white tea leaves.  This blend of true leaf teas provide a light body and delicate flavor.  Super high in antioxidants and immune boosting polyphenols that help you stay healthy and hydrated and performing at your best.


Your morning routine may give way to this secret desire!

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Market Rooibos


Naturally, non-caffeinated anti-aging rooibos mingles with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, candied mango, papaya, and pineapple making this delicious blend reminiscent of ginger cookies. A perfect sweet treat or a cold evening by the fireplace.


You’ll want to stay in and get cozy with this perfect match!

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Sweet Dreams


A blend to help promote a good nights' sleep.  Chamomile helps you become restful, valerian root promotes relaxation and helps you stay asleep, lemon balm and lemon verbena calm your central nervous system while lavender and spearmint provide soothing aromatherapy.

Exclusive House Blend


The tea match of your dreams! 

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This Ceremonial Grade matcha offers a beautiful jade green color and a mild, natural sweetness. The slight Matcha astringency (from tea catechins) perfectly balances the sweetness (from L-theanine amino acids). It is called "ceremonial" grade because the quality is high enough for formal Japanese tea ceremonies.


Focus on what truly matters with this perfect match!

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